We are preparing the Interreg Programme SK-AT for the next seven years and kindly invite you to contribute to the Draft Programme strategy. This survey reflects the current state of the discussion and the recommendations of the experts regarding the future programme. In the questionnaire, you are asked to comment on the proposed priorities and activities according to your own area of expertise and experience.
Depending on how many topics you want to comment on, you will need up to thirty minutes to contribute to this consultation. Please let us know your name and contact data, so we can get back to you in case of questions or for more information! The Draft Programme strategy is available in English only, but of course you can contribute in the language of your choice: English, Slovak or German.

V rámci európskeho programu spolupráce INTERREG VA SK-AT, a tento rok v spolupráci s projektom Clean Mobility, organizuje projekt Bratislava Územný Manažment (BAUM2020) v poradí už tretiu konferenciu o Bratislave a rakúskom okolí.