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PIM III - Eligibility of expenditure v 1.0

Version 1.0

This part of the Project Implementation Manual is intended to provide financial managers and controllers of approved projects information and guidance aimed at ensuring that project costs are incurred by beneficiaries in compliance with the applicable regulatory framework.
Moreover, also applicants and beneficiaries are strongly advised to consult this document when preparing the project proposals and during project implementation.
These rules on eligible expenditures are applicable for all projects implemented under the Interreg VI-A Slovakia – Austria 2021-2027 Programme (country-specific specifications, if any, will be indicated in the text).
Beside specific rules on eligible expenditures, this document also intends to give additional information, guidance and support to beneficiaries and controllers in order to ensure the sound financial management of projects at all levels.
The content of this document will be, whenever required, further developed and updated during programme implementation. The rules on eligible expenditures are valid from the day of publication on Programme´s website.
When validating and authorising the expenditure, the controllers follow the rules on eligible expenditures valid at the time of the incurrence of the expenditure. If the rules are simplified between the time the expenditure is incurred and the time it is submitted to the controller, thesimplified rules shall apply.